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Ways to Improve Cognitive Skills of Elderly People

If not constantly nourished, our brain cells gradually die as we age which causes our reasoning, judgment, knowledge, memory, and intuition abilities to decline. Good news! With the assistance of skilled healthcare professionals, like the ones we have at Total Health Care Services, enhancing our cognitive functions becomes easy.

How can we keep our minds sharp and alert? We, at Total Health Care Services, recommend these ways:

  1. Mental Exercise. Board games which require us to develop strategies and techniques to win, such as chess, puzzles, and monopoly, can exercise our thinking skills.
  2. Social Engagement. Actively participating in social events can help sharpen our memory, and also build a long lasting friendship with new people.
  3. Develop creative hobbies. Another way of stimulating our brain cells is by unleashing our creative minds through arts and crafts.
  4. Continue learning. Feeding our curiosity by enrolling in courses and reading books improves our brain functions.
  5. Get enough sleep. Our minds need enough time to process learnings into memories; thus, sleep is indispensable.
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